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Board of Trustees Policy to Fill Board Vacancies

C.A.M.P.A. Charter School Board Policy
to fill vacancies
Board Membership

1. Board identifies vacancy on Board of Trustees
2. Candidate is recommended to Board of Trustees by a Board Member via a
3. Resume is submitted and circulated amongst Board Members
4. Candidate is invited to attend three (3) consecutive meetings/sessions
5. Board of Trustee panel of three (3) interviews candidate (sponsor is not on
panel but can observe)
6. Board Panel recommends candidate(s) to entire Board of Trustees
7. Candidate is voted upon by board and vote is reflected in minutes
8. Board follows S.E.D. procedures and collects requested documents from
9. Documents are reviewed by Board
10. Candidate(s) name is submitted to the School Liaison, NYS Education
Department- Charter Division, for approval