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CAMPA Charter School: Bridging the Inequality Gap Amid Education Scandals in America

What is Unique About CAMPA Charter School?

CAMPA (Collegiate Academy for Mathematics and Personal Awareness) is a middle school in Brooklyn, New York that is focused on holistic learning. The charter school pairs a math-focused academic program with personal awareness to equip students with the necessary skills to thrive. This mission is achieved through strong social development, deep ties to the community, and the insightful leadership of Principal Leonard and Director of Operations Gaston (both tried, tested, and proved). With the ongoing nationwide scandals, it might be easy to condemn the entire education department. But that’s not the full story; there is some good in the system. Read more...
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CAMPA Charter School Promotes Greatness for Students

With high standards and a powerful educational philosophy, the staff, teachers and parents of the New York Charter school are locked in to provide incredible outcomes for their students. CAMPA places a focus on what matters most: A demanding and holistic education to prepare their students for a bright future ahead of them. Read More...
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Expert Education Team Brings New Hope to CAMPA Charter School

"Academic empowerment is the birthright of every child," is not a mere saying of Collegiate Academy for Mathematics and Personal Awareness (CAMPA), but the driving force that will propel this East New York, Brooklyn school to greatness. Since CAMPA opened its doors in September 2017, it has been showing promise under the direction of principal George E. Leonard, assistant principal Niaka Gaston and their staff who fully comprehends that "every child is born to win."
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