CAMPA Students Pass Regents Examinations

CAMPA Charter School is steadily moving forward with gains as high standards in their math and science-based curriculum is preparing junior high school students for greatness.  At CAMPA, administrators, educators, and parents want students to be adept in science and math concepts and are gradually proving that youth from low-income areas can grasp an understanding of disciplines in these higher-level subjects. 
In June 2018, 7th graders took and passed the Algebra and Living Environment Regents Examinations.Educators and administration at CAMPA are determined to increase the number of Regents takers and passers, beyond normal expectations for their peers at other schools for the age group of the students. 
Currently, the eighth graders at CAMPA will take the Living Environment, Algebra I, US history, Government and Earth Science Regents.  The 6th and 7th graders will take the Living Environment Regents in June. Both grades are taking global History and Geography Regents courses in preparation to tackle the Regents with confidence and success. Last June CAMPA‚Äôs students had a high passing rate for the Living Environment Regents, which is typically given in high school.