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Overview of Our Distance Learning Plan

Core to The Collegiate Academy for Mathematics and Personal Awareness Charter School's (CAMPA) mission is not only providing a rigorous and challenging academic program that introduces high school Regents level courses during the middle school years but to prepare our students scholastically, mentally and emotionally for studies and careers beyond high school. Our core belief that all students can achieve is rooted in providing the tools necessary to discover the individual needs of our scholars, design an academic and socio-emotional approach and implement an ambitious school plan that will develop our scholars into successful students within a larger serving school community. Our distance learning program is designed to promote a continuity of instruction that capitalizes on maximizing student engagement while simultaneously promoting independent study, ownership of their educational process and management of their time. We will continue to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of our students in an accommodative and innovative way. In designing this approach, it is our hope that the infusion of technology would enhance and diversify the quality of the instructional modality. To this end, a review of our Distance Learning Plan will reveal three crucial components: academic rigor, student participation and collaboration.